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Malik & Compnay

Malik Electric Company has been one of the leading manufacturers of commutators since 1975.

We produce hight quality commutators for varius applications from 4mm to 165mm outer diameter, including automotive, portable electrical machinery, electrical home appliances, aerospace, and armaments.

Malik & Company is committed to delight the customers with quality products, through market dedicated on going up gradation. We have constantly strived towards satisfying customer needs through Quality products, Timely delivery, and prompt response. We have a lot of experience in the field of commutators especially the managing director has a well experience over 40 years in the field of manufacturing and repairing of Industrial Commutators.


Malik & Company is a leading pakistani Manufacturer and Exporter of Moulded Commutator, Traction Commutator, Industrial Solid Riser, Industrial Flexible Riser, Manufacturing and Mining, Traction Motors for Transit Application, Pulp And Paper, Other Application.


Auto Commutator

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Auto Commutator is use
1:Textile Printing Machine DC Motors
2:Fuel,Pumps,Blower Motor,Coling Fabs
3:Generator,Motor,Windscreen Wiper Fans
4:Starter,Locomotive,Diesel Engine,Traction Motor

Dc Commutator

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our commutators applied in the DC Motors,all kind of starter motors,electrical tools,household appliance etc, as well as used on each kind of big,medium,small direct current machines.

Power Tools

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Our Commutator use in power tools 1:Vacum Cleaner,
2:Washing Machine,Air Conditioning
3:Mixer Blender,Blender Motor

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About Our Product

produces a range of molded commutators with a brush diameter from 30 to 200mm.

For the design, 2 technologies can be chosen, depending on customer requirements:

  • commutators with internal reinforcing rings for a good mechanical strength.
  • commutators for current use using specially designed copper segments, embedded in the resin.

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Malik & Company.
Malik Market,Chaudhary Park,
Phone:+92 42 37723216
M.Shakeel: +92 333 4327669
M.Usman: .+92 322 4094261
M.Nabeel : +92 333 4329867
+92 301 4473649